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Accounting books and tax records

As part of our accounting services, we: 

  • set up accounting books
  • develop accounting policies
  • keep books of accounts
  • keep additional records for income tax purposes
  • keep records for the purposes of VAT settlements
  • establish and update records of tangible and intangible assets
  • prepare tax returns
  • prepare financial reports and reports for statistical purposes
  • offer the possibility of ongoing accounting supervision at the client's premises
  • help clients to optimise tax liabilities
  • exercise day-to-day supervision over business operations and related tax settlements

As part of our accounting and tax advisory services, we:

  • keep income and expenditure tax books
  • keep records of tangible and intangible assets
  • keep records of equipment and furnishings
  • keep records of purchase and sale of foreign exchange values - for the operators of exchange offices
  • keep records of loans and pledged items - for the owners of pawnshops
  • keep sales records of goods and services
  • keep records of purchases of goods and services
  • check, formally and in accounting terms, the accounting documents being the basis for entries in the income and expenditure book, i.e. VAT invoices, VAT margin invoices, VAT RR invoices, VAT MP invoices, customs documents, accounts and correction invoices and correction notes, accounting notes, postal and bank fee documents
  • assist in the preparation and valuation of stocktaking of commercial goods, materials, semi-finished products, work in progress, finished products, shortages and waste
  • keep our clients informed about the amount of advance (monthly or quarterly) income tax payments
  • assist in determining custom made and optimal form of income taxation depending on the source of income achieved