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Dalc i Ochocki - Audyt spółka z o.o.

„Dalc i Ochocki - Audyt” spółka z o.o. with its registered office in Poznań is an audit company. The powers to audit the financial statements were verified by the Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors, as a result of which the company was entered on the list of audit firms kept by the National Council of Statutory Auditors under number 2906.

Statutory auditors and tax advisers with many years of experience in applying accounting and tax regulations are the core of our company. In order to meet the growing demands of the market and our clients, we devote a lot of time to continuous improvement of professional qualifications of our employees.

We audit financial statements to meet the needs arising from the provisions of the Accounting Act and the Act on Statutory Auditors, and provide other financial audit services, including:

  • review of financial statements
  • examination of plans for transformation of commercial law companies

We also advise on how to organize accounting and circulation of documentation in companies. We carry out stocktaking.

The Company has insurance against the civil liability of audit firms authorized to audit financial statements.

Our presence on the market dates back to January 2004.